Launch A New Practice?

Whether you’re an associate working for someone else or a soon-to-graduate doctor, our Jumpstart program is designed to quickly launch your very own practice, allowing you the freedom to finally build your dream. Once you know what city that you’d like to call home, we’ll help you with every facet of finding a great location, negotiating a fair lease, designing the floor plan, interior design and décor, obtaining the right equipment and furnishings and then it’s on to the Grand Opening. Nothing is left to chance when you follow the concept of best practices.

Learning the very best operational systems in chiropractic is begun as soon as you join the HealthSource Family. We’ll show you everything you need to know to operate an efficient, sleek and profitable practice.

A carefully & intelligently crafted marketing strategy is designed and implemented, and we’ll design everything you need: your website, every Google ad, Facebook and Instagram ad, YouTube commercial….you name it, we create it and even place it for you, allowing you to concentrate on connecting with your community.


Truth is, you must ‘own’ the marketing space in your city. You need to be seen everywhere. With HealthSource, you have an invested friend that is pushing 100% for your success.

Jumpstart: it’s how the best of the best launch great practices.

Already Have A Practice?

Whether you’ve been in practice 3 months, 3 years or 20 years, if you’re practice isn’t where you’d like it to be, our Kickstart program may be exactly what you’ve been searching for in your mission to build your dream practice. Let’s face it, most DC’s live a life of professional solitude with very few people (if any) they can trust and rely on for relevant, proven and affordable help to build an outstanding practice.


Our Kickstart program is designed to take your current practice and launch it to new heights. Yes, we start with a rebrand so that it has the very modern HealthSource brand look. Meanwhile, we teach you the systems of chiropractic operational excellence. Everything is covered, stellar communications, compliance, clinical mastery, marketing, the 5 HealthSource revenue streams leading to even better patient outcomes and more revenue, our subscription Wellness Club for lifetime patients and of course marketing.


We’ll build you a Grand Reopening event designed to attract new patients and reveal your newly rebranded and beautiful office to your community. This is followed by a robust marketing strategy designed to flood your practice with enough new patients to build the practice of your dreams.


Ready to learn more about scaling your practice into your dream practice? Kickstart may be just what you’ve been searching for to reach your dreams.



Already Very Successful?

If you’re a chiropractor that has painstakingly built a highly successful practice, our Dominance program may just be what you need to continue your evolution as a business owner while learning how to unplug from patient care at will, allowing you the freedom to ‘get off the tables’ whenever you desire or even permanently. Taking this step can allow you to also pursue multiple clinic ownership in a highly profitable manner while actually working less hours than a practicing DC.


First, we would teach you and your team the best operational systems in chiropractic today. You’ve probably already built systems that have served you well, but our systems will lay the groundwork to remove the dependence on your personality delivering all the care. We’ll train your team to become even more valuable to you and your practice, freeing you up to master our advanced systems. These advanced systems are what can allow you to retire from patient care 100%, 50%, or whatever your vision is for yourself. Once achieved, now you can either enjoy a lot more free time and work-life balance, or you can invest some of this new time into launching new clinics.


Using our Learn, Earn and Own program, we’ll show you how to build and launch new clinics and then sell them to your associate doctors at a preprogrammed set point and at a predetermined purchase price. Everything is transparent and upfront, thus building more confidence in your associate doctor. It’s a phenomenal way to build a much larger business for yourself while helping so many more people through the principle of leverage.


Dominance: it’s for the top 10% of the profession and just maybe it’s for you.

Let’s Start a Conversation

If you’re ready to finally build your dream practice and create an amazing life for you and your family in a highly ethical, outcomes based practice, HealthSource is the leading chiropractic and rehab model on the planet. It’s starts with a conversation, nothing more. You need to come to the conclusion that we are the answer you’ve been looking for and we need to be confident you are right for HealthSource.


What’s your dream? Where do you want to be in a year? How about in 3 years? 10 years? This is one of the first questions we’ll ask you. Think big!


Your first step is to complete the contact form by clicking the link to the right. Maz Nejad, DC, MBA will then get back to you.  He is our Director of Business development and started with HealthSource way back in 2002, rising to amazing heights as a multi-clinic owner. He’ll want to get to know you, your history, your present circumstances and your dream. It’s merely the start of getting to know about each other. For us, it’s all about the people. Choose the wrong people in your circle and you get real problems. Choose great people and you can build the absolute practice of your dreams, creating the lifestyle of which you’ve imagined.

Why HealthSource?

View the video below by Founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Tomshack, who provides an overview of what chiropractors gain by joining the HealthSource network.  Go to OUR DOCTORS to view feedback from chiropractors in our network.

2021 U.S. Chiropractic
Industry Forecast

The Very Best in
HealthSource system delivers new patients that need help, and our modern clinics meet that need in an incredibly efficient and profitable manner.



50% Active Care and 50% Wellness

If your practice is made up of active care patients, you’re constantly in need of more and more new patients. It can be a frenzied pace. When your clinic has a balance of active and wellness care patients, your clinic becomes more fun, less stressful and more profitable. Best of all, your community benefits from real wellness care with you as their trusted doctor.


At HealthSource, we are always combing the literature, looking for improvements in providing the very best outcomes for our patients. Only methods that pass our rigorous alpha and beta testing get rolled out to our doctor owners and their teams. After all, when you’re in practice full time, how are you supposed to test all the new technology that’s constantly being developed, relegating your care into the obsolete category? You’re correct, it just isn’t possible. We do that for you, leaving you to run a great practice, one that is always state of the art.


The HealthSource Wellness Club is the perfect solution for lifetime wellness care for your patients once they complete their active care. It’s a subscription-based program that is much more than just maintenance care. Our Wellness Club is simple, easy to implement, formulaic, automatic and scalable. It’s a way to offer wellness care that you’ll be proud of delivering.

Marketing Created & Placed For You

Your social feed is jammed with ads from ‘marketers’ trying to get your money. As part of the HealthSource Family, you can ignore those irritating ads and videos. Our marketing team will build you a custom marketing strategy tailored to your community. In fact, we’ll create every ad for Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, direct mail and print that you’ll ever need.


We take it one huge step forward. We’ll also place every digital ad for you. Never again will you have to worry about how to ‘boost’ an ad, wonder how to build a retargeting campaign or get stuck in the weeds of Facebook or Google’s latest algorithm changes. We take care of all that for you, leaving you to do what you love.

Six Revenue Streams

At HealthSource, we combine chiropractic adjustments with the very best in technology to create not only outstanding patient outcomes, but also high profitability. We currently have six distinct revenue streams that drive both patient results and revenue into your clinic. As a result, your patients get the best care possible and your practice collects more revenue. This is win-win!


Our six revenue streams are: chiropractic care, active functional rehab, next generation spinal decompression, high powered photobiomodulation, HealthSource branded nutrition and products and our subscription-based Wellness Club.


Most chiropractic clinics have one or two revenue streams. HealthSource has six sources. And arguably one of the huge advantages for our franchise owners is that only two of the services are delivered by the chiropractor. The other four are driven by the well-trained team. And yes, we have over 800 online video classes designed to transform the doctor and their staff into a highly capable and best in class team of professionals.

A Franchised Chiropractic Clinic to Change Lives.  Including Yours.

At HealthSource, we set both our patients and our franchise partners up for success. Our patient care is designed to produce fantastic results, and our tried and true development track record is evidence of an effective chiropractic-centered franchise formula. With nearly 13 million patients and clinics in 38 states, we’re just getting started in our mission to raise the bar for chiropractic while helping even more patients do what they love.


Due to our growth and a strong demand from our current franchise owners, we have opened up the gates for rapid, sustainable expansion in all 50 states. Now there is no valid long-term reason to remain an associate building someone else’s dream or struggle to grow your current practice into the practice of YOUR dreams. In fact, there is no valid excuse why you can’t even evolve into transitioning off the tables and begin opening multiple clinics. It’s all about you and your dream. Thank you for your continued interest in our chiropractic brand, and we look forward to seeing you in our corporate office.

Want To Further The Conversation?