HealthSource has clinics from coast-to-coast and is looking for a few GOOD HANDS to be part of the network in select markets.  And for chiropractic clinics that qualify, we’ll waive our franchisee fee for you to convert to HealthSource.

To determine if HealthSource is right for you, ask yourself:

  • Could your clinic benefit from be part of a nationwide network of chiropractors?
  • Are you looking to standout with consumers through a brand that has developed integrated  media buys?
  • Do you want to dramatically increase your new patient leads and your revenue?
  • Would you like a comprehensive training program to keep you on the forefront of new treatment techniques?

If the answer is yes to these questions, click to receive a packet on THE GOOD HANDS PLAN.

Why HealthSource?

Founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Tomshack, provides an overview of what chiropractors gain by joining the HealthSource network. 

Americans are looking for ways to manage pain so they can stay active.  HealthSource clinics address the pain so patients can live their passions.  



Patients for Life

The HealthSource network is composed of clinics from coast-to-coast offering chiropractic, massage, sports therapy, progressive rehab, spinal decompression, nutritional supplements, wellness products and custom orthotics.

Our doctors make the difference by providing personalized care based on comprehensive exams with x-rays.  The goal is to determine the root cause of the pain, followed by a treatment approach to help patients get back to doing what they love – like running and cycling, golfing and gardening, or just spending time with family and friends. 

Once patients are back doing they love, HealthSource keeps them active through the HealthSource Wellness Club.  This is why we say PATIENTS FOR LIFE, because our clinics serve as a wellness coach to patients, offering nutritional advice, stretching and exercises, and ways to avoid future injuries. 

This holistic approach to pain and wellness care what continues to attract consumers to our clinics, and chiropractors to HealthSource.

Simple & Clean Advertising

To attract new patients, you need bold retail graphics and integrated media buys. 

The Do What You Love campaign sets HealthSource clinics apart other chiropractors.  It tells the story from the patient’s perspective – bringing to life individual passions achieved thanks to the help of a HealthSource doctor.  These stories are shared in the communities that our clinics call home using print, digital, social, outdoor and broadcast radio and television advertising.

Our clinics also reach out in the community through the HealthSource Hands on the Community Program, engaging with residents at 5k runs, CrossFit competitions, community events and at churches, schools and businesses.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The HealthSource holistic health model, which incorporates various pain and wellness services with chiropractic treatment, generates multiple revenue streams for clinic owners.


In addition to chiropractic, HealthSource clinics offer spinal decompression, deep tissue laser, massage, acupuncture, progressive rehab, custom orthotics, sports therapy, nutritional supplements and wellness programs and products.  Combined, these products and services have generated strong growth clinic owners.


HealthSource’s is constantly evaluating new pain and wellness treatments, adopting these advancements to accelerate the healing of its patients. 

HealthSource By The Numbers

Industry Size

  • Chiropractic Care = $14B
  • Physical Therapy = $30B 
  • Massage = $12B
  • Corporate Wellness = $8B
  • Nutrition = $32B

Total = $96B Opportunity


HealthSource Facts & Stats

  • Founded in 2006
  • Size: Nearly 300 Clinics
  • Market Segment: Chiropractic Holistic Healthcare
  • Single and Multi-Unit Franchises Offered
  • 13 Million+ Patients Helped
  • Owner/Operator and Semi-Absentee Models Offered
  • 99% Customer Referral Rate
  • Average HealthSource Franchise Gross Profit = $187,647

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