Joining HealthSource allows you to transform your clinic into a place that gets noticed by consumers. 


The HealthSource channel lock signage is striking during the day and lights up at night.  And our window graphics package can upgrade even the most bland space into a retail storefront with energy.



Calming Interior

No one likes to go to the doctor, the dentist, or the chiropractor.   Why?  Because of the fear of pain and discomfort.


That’s why our clinics are designed for relaxation — with calming fragrances from diffusers, soft lights, misty colors and earthy wood and rock surfaces.  Combine this with freshly made healthy smoothies and you have a totally zen environment for patients.


For chiropractors existing clinics, this is the interior transformation that will take place to make your clinic a place new patients will want to visit, and return to, when you join the HealthSource network.

Wellness Products

Healthy product sales define HealthSource clinics.  From lumbar support cushions and back braces to nutritional supplements and the perfect pillows for a restful night’s sleep, quality products are part of the prescription to wellness for patients.



HealthSource uses its buying clout to negotiate favorable pricing, which is good for patients and its network of clinics.  It then uses creative merchandising, such as putting clever stickers on support cushions and placing the cushions on waiting room chairs.



Only the highest quality products make into HealthSource.  In fact, the supplements offered by HealthSource to patients are custom formulated based the standards set by our doctors.

Cortex Training Program

Ask any of our doctors about our Cortex training program and you will hear nothing but praise.  Cortex is comprehensive.  Cortex is engaging.  Cortex is constantly refreshed.

On Tuesdays, all our clinics take the time to review the latest training focus.  Then individuals at these clinics can dig deeper to learn the various modules at their own pace.  The weekly events are supplemented by regional and national sessions on various topic areas.

Beyond these scheduled activities, we employ an entire training team, available at any time to address specific areas of patient treatment.  And before we introduce any new product or service, the training team develops a new module using Cortex.

Proprietary Billing & Scheduling Software

Insurance billing in the chiropractic profession can be complicated.  That is why HealthSource devised a software system to simplify the entire billing process and virtually every other aspect of operating a holistic health clinic.


Our proprietary web-based software allows our owners to issue invoices and payments, while keeping track of their bottom line.   It also records patient care information, prospect numbers and practically any stat you can think of in addition to keeping your office compliant. With the right software system in place, you can manage your clinic from anywhere…at the click of a button.

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