Brand Position

HealthSource is North America’s trusted provider of holistic care for pain and wellness, helping its patients live healthy and active lives through advanced chiropractic treatment, progressive rehabilitation, sports therapy, massage, orthotics, nutritional supplements and wellness programs, setting the bar for exceptional and convenient service.

The Human Truth About Back Pain

People don’t need to be reminded that they are in back pain.  They need to be reflect on what they are not doing because they are in back pain — things like biking, running, sailing, skiing, golfing, or just walking down the street.  This is the human truth that resonates with consumers and is the message behind HealthSource’s current brand campaign.


HealthSource clinics are attracting new patients everyday through elements of this campaign, including television and radio spots, outdoor billboards, digital, social and You Tube campaigns, direct mail and clinic signage.


Watch the spots below featuring three HealthSource patients who are now able to do what they love with help from our doctors.

Branded Programs

HealthSource has developed programs to build lasting relationships with patients and reach a whole new group of patients — helping clinics to provide the type of services consumers demand today.

Wellness Club

HealthSource clinics maintain a large number of patients because they are able to provide them with ongoing wellness care through the HealthSource Wellness Club.  This membership service reduces the cost of adjustments by incorporating a DMPO provider.  Patients then set a monthly appointment schedule that is best them.  Members also receive discounts on nutritional supplements and wellness products.  HealthSource also partners with local fitness groups to devise a exercise  routine that is best for each patient.

Sports Therapy

HealthSource knows that what athletes want more than anything else is to compete in the sports they love.  That’s why, in addition to wellness programs, HealthSource clinics offer special sports injury and performance services.   Services include Deep Tissue Laser Treatments, Certified Kinesio Taping, Progressive Rehab, 3-D Imaging Custom Orthotics and Cupping.  These packaged service offerings attract a whole new patient base to the clinics.

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