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 HealthSource is leading the charge in combating opioid addiction with an awareness campaign and fundraiser for The Salvation Army. The result – media coverage across the country, thousands of new patients looking for a drug-free solution to back pain, and thousands raised for The Salvation Army’s 139 Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

More than 175 Americans die every day from an opioid/heroin overdose. Without taking action now, it’s estimated that 500,000 people will die this decade. Chronic back pain is a leading precursor to opioid prescriptions, and half of the opioid overdose deaths in the country are attributed to prescribed opioids.

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Nathan’s Story

A sore back is why Nathan Beatty scheduled an appointment with his doctor, and Vicodin is what his doctor prescribed. This treatment took the Penn State college student down a long journey of addiction.

The journey nearly ended in August of this year when he woke up from an overdose with his deceased girlfriend next to him.

Today, Nathan is recovering from his addiction at The Salvation Army’s Adult Treatment Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania – the center that helped him win the battle against opioids and heroin. He now reflects on how taking pills prescribed by his doctor for a sore back changed his life.

Impact On Our Clinics

“HealthSource’s campaign has given us practical tools to create a platform from which to expand our message of addiction-free pain relief, leading to coverage in our local newspaper, an invitation to appear on our local television news network’s morning broadcast, and consequently, our highest number of patient visits in a single month to date.”

— Dr. Jason Hunt, D.C., HealthSource of Nederland, TX

“We’ve easily doubled our prospects and new patient numbers. Our patient visits have increase by nearly 30%, and we expect them to continue in that direction. It;s been a super positive experience. Having been in practice for nearly 20 years and now starting another brand new office, it’s been a huge help in gaining exposure and getting people in the door.”

—Dr. Steve Haley, D.C., HealthSource of El Cajon, CA

“I can say that the opioid campaign has really benefited our office with the amount of new patients and patient referrals we have gotten from it (The HealthSource website, Facebook posts, mailers, and patient referrals worked the best for us)!… We have been able to reach out to so many more people who can avoid using opioids, and fix what is really causing their “pain.”

–Drs. Tatiana Sanders, D.C., HealthSource of Northeast Columbia, SC and HealthSource of West Columbia, SC.

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